Monday, March 8, 2010

Deep Thoughts from an 11-year-old Mind

Yesterday we had breakfast to celebrate a family occasion. It was me, my son, 2 of my friends (L and C), and a boyfriend of one of the friends (BF).

Now, my son is a complete attention junkie (comes from being about the only child in my circle of friends for the longest time, since most of my friends are either younger, childless, or both), so he was on the roll. BF asked if he liked any girls currently. My son squirmed, then admitted, bashfully, that yes, there was a girl named Abby. When probed for details, this is what he had to say:

My son: Weeeell, in second grade we were friends, then, in third grade, we hated each other...
BF, interrupting politely: So, it was a love/hate relationship?
My son, after thinking about it: No, we just hated each other.
BF: Oh, so just a hate/hate relationship. Just making sure...
My son: Right. Um. So, theeen, in fifth grade, I started thinking, why did she change? And then I realized that it wasn't her who changed, it was actually me who changed!

-Stunned silence from the audience. I feel kinda proud of the deep insightful dude who is my son, but am suspicious, 'cause I know him too well. C looks like she's trying REALLY hard not to give BF Tha Look. BF recovers from the speachlessness;

BF: So, what did you think you changed in?
My son: Weeeell, when we were in third grade, we were talking one time, and I - TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY! - hit her on the head with a stick.

-audience dies-

BF: I understand it's a pretty common affliction among boys of that age. It's a hand twitch or something, but I understand that it happens a lot.


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